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LMS Consultation In Brisbane

Get honest advice about the best LMS solution for your organisation

If you’re looking to set up a Learning Management System(LMS Brisbane), or upgrade an existing one, we offer consultation, integration, and implementation services. We’ve worked with everything from WordPress LMS plugins to Moodle and Blackboard.

We’re not affiliated with any service providers, so we can offer honest LMS consultation to help you find the best solution for your needs, and our highly skilled developers can assist with setup and third-party integrations if you need that too.


Some of Our Supported LMS Platforms

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and many more...

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Why get a learning management system?

A learning management system can help solve a myriad of problems when it comes to organising, delivering, and tracking your workplace training.  It can help your organisation to:

  • Organize all your training content in one place
  • Provide unlimited and flexible access to training materials
  • Track learner performance and progress
  • Provide evidence of organizational compliance
  • Reduce learning and development costs by facilitating online training

Unsure how to start with it? Get honest advice from our Brisbane-based LMS consultants. Drop us a line for an obligation-free chat.

How can an LMS consultant help me choose the best learning management system?

An experienced LMS consultant will carry out an in-depth analysis of your organisation’s learning and development processes and goals.  They can help you clarify your objectives for the LMS.  In turn, this enables the consultant to identify the functionality you require and the learning management system that is best placed to deliver these functions.

Importantly, a consultant will identify any constraints associated with an otherwise suitable LMS.  While most systems are customisable, changing standard functionality can come at a significant cost.  An expert LMS consultant can determine where there is a mismatch between a LMS’s functionality and your current processes, how the LMS might be customised to overcome this, and ways you might adapt your organisation’s processes to avoid expensive customisation. Consult our Brisbane-based LMS experts today.

What does LMS implementation involve?

To ensure a successful LMS implementation, a consultant will be proactive in helping you plan and prepare.  A LMS implementation consultant may provide advice on tasks such as data cleanup, change management and communications planning, user acceptance testing, and the setup of user help and support.

A LMS consultant can also advise you on various LMS configuration settings.  You will need to consider things like the demographic data you collect in user profiles, whether you need multiple domains for different audiences (e.g., regional salespeople or newstarters), setup of your course catalog, evaluation tools, and reporting requirements.

Systems integration is another area in which the guidance of an experienced LMS consultant can be invaluable.  You may want to integrate with a single sign on (SSO) solution for seamless learner login.  Or you may need to import recurring data feeds from HR or ERP systems.

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